What is the Elite Pool Program for IPG members?


50 heads are better than 1. YOU ARE NO LONGER ALONE IN A COMPETITIVE AND QUICKLY CHANGING DIGITAL MARKET PLACE! Get access to the ideas and strategies of the entire group of pool/spa professionals just like yourself!
Technical Resources
Full time access to a team of professional application developers,  graphic designers and online marketing strategist who are working behind the scenes ongoing to, innovate, advance and make you a better pool and spa dealer.  
Competitive Advantage
ONLY ONE member per city/town making us all allies and not competitors.  No local competitor will have the strategy, solutions, online services, business integration or the business automation that you will. Our members are way ahead of the industry curve.
Training & Learning 
Access on demand training on digital marketing & sales strategy,  effective website deployment and how to transform your website from a static non functional brochure to a integrated business development tool.
Membership Center
Login to access a wealth of dealer resources. Obtain member ideas, consulting programs, Managed services materials, program road map, program details and how to videos to get the most of your EPP membership.
Quality Members
Our members are the brightest minds in the industry. We don't just except any pool/spa dealer or builder. A member must meet a criteria to keep the quality of the group outstanding and to ensure that a member is a good fit to both contribute and advance themselves within the group.
Ongoing Advancement
Tens of thousands of dollars on R&D every year go into new strategies, new applications,  new online abilities, new content, refreshed designs, third party integration and new ideas that are brought forward by the group.  Our dealers are never sitting still like the rest of the industry. Constant improvement, continuous evolution. 
Shared Costs
The software solutions for both strategic online marketing and sales as well as business process automation would never be affordable to develop by a single pool/spa dealer. The Elite Pool Program makes the un-affordable , completely obtainable through a community model program and a very affordable monthly membership fee. 


"Every Elite Pool Program dealer member replaces their typical non-functioning pool/spa dealer website with a one of kind business management system that drives results. Introducing Insite Suite for Pool/Spa Dealers"

Online Ability
You will be second to none! Dozens of interactive client engagement tools plugged directly into your website from Build my own pool online, Design my own Hot Tub, Design my Replacement Spa Cover, Online Water Treatment Sales Wizards, Hot Tub Comparison tools and dozens more applications providing your online audiences the confidence in you.
Lead Generation / Lead Management
Almost every dealer member captures in the hundreds of leads per season on the Elite Pool Program Platform. Most dealers report a 200 to 500% increase in online leads and will confidently claim it has become their number one business sales tool. "SO FAR", we still have every member that has every joined!

Streamline Operations
Customers paying invoices online, booking pool opening/closings,  purchasing products or gift cards, requesting and obtaining quotes, return merchandise authorizations are all examples of  tasks that normally require time and man power. Automate these services using online tool sets  to save you time, money and streamline your processes.
Content Automation
Imagine a website that could build and maintain itself.  Online Pool and Spa brands,  models, sizes and options that update and stay current on their own. Or building an online product catalog/store  with thousands of products from the vendors you choose with nice images, skus, descriptions and more in less than 9 minutes.  Our dealers don't have to imagine.
Automated Communication
Automate all the sales follow-ups that you know you should be doing but never have the time to do. Scheduled and personalized customer service follow-ups, product and service promotions and maintenance notices sent by your virtual sales person that never misses an opportunity to drive more sales!

Business Integration
Most struggle with the integration of their online and physical store . EPP has partnered with RB Systems, one of the largest and most common Pool/Spa Point of Sales Solutions in the Industry.  Now sync products, prices, inventory, orders, coupons, gift cards, online service bookings, customer payments and much more with completely integrated business solutions .

Customer Facing Components

Main Website
Corporate Offer Site 

Optional E-commerce Website
 (linked to Main website)

BACK END Strategy Components which plugin to websites

Web Power Box
Website Publishing & Lead Generation Strategy Layer
Lead Management & Sales Conversion Layer

Client Retention & Client Loyalty Layer

ACDC (Automated Content Delivery Client)
Content Automation Layer


Membership Exclusivity
Only 80 Elite Pool Program dealer members will ever be allowed to join at one time across the entire country.  Only 1 member per city/town will be accepted on the program. Act before the competition to ensure you are the local market leader, tapped into the largest pool/spa information network in the country. 
Strategy Exclusivity
A proven, industry specific and unique 220 point online digital marketing and sales strategy program which is broken down into 20 categories is executed into every Elite Pool Program member's online production.  Our dealers have the most comprehensive online operations in the industry.
Software Exclusivity 
With over $2 million in the development of Insite Suite, this business management system is designed to  execute better strategy,  business automation, provide interactive online customer services, superior lead generation, lead management and higher sales conversion.


Sandbox Security 
Although each and every dealer member is independent and can only access and see their own information, they are actually part of giant network to be able to use and share a massive amount of information and data on the EPP network. 
Over 50 of the industries largest vendors are plugged into the EPP network giving our dealers automated access to Pool and Spa Showrooms, The largest product catalogs in the industry, manufactures rebates, parts lists and more.  Dealers can download feeds in seconds and can setup in minutes without doing a thing. 
Growth & Power 
By harnessing the power of the network and by being able to tap into a central and single source information network, EPP and the dealers are able to build new applications and implement new strategies that the rest of the industry could not due to time and cost.